More Bieber Shenanigans

Bieber blazing some bud (24-Hour Hip Hop)

Is it just me, or does it seem as if pop star Justin Bieber is becoming more of an ass with each passing day?

Last week in Toronto, the Canadian singer—who lives in the United States under a work visa—was arrested on accusations that he assaulted his limousine driver in December. Bieber also faces past charges that include drunk driving, driving with an expired license and resisting arrest—charges that were dropped on him last month in Miami, Florida.

Of course, the spoiled little shit may also be charged with felony vandalism after egging his neighbor’s house in January and causing nearly $20,000 in damages, too.

Well, today brought yet another Bieber-related issue to light. Apparently, he and his father were traveling from Canada to New Jersey last Friday and “blazing weed” the whole time. From what I understand, pot smoke filled the cabin and when pilots asked for Bieber to stop, he and his dad became “verbally abusive.” Things got so bad that the flight crew eventually put on oxygen masks so they wouldn’t test positive for marijuana during their next drug screening!

Fortunately for Bieber, a search of the chartered plane didn’t reveal any drugs, so he and his entourage were granted re-entry into the U.S. after he was detained for questioning for several hours. And no charges will likely result from this incident, even though it does illustrate my point of Bieber being a jackass… as if it needed further illustration.

The beautiful Selena Gomez (Getty Images)

On a related note was a recent story about Bieber’s ex-girlfriend, the lovely and talented Selena Gomez. Apparently, Gomez did a two-week stint in rehab last month for a combination of problems, including alcohol, marijuana and addiction to the prescription sleep aid Ambien. According to numerous sources, Gomez blamed her need for rehab on “that crazy boy”—namely Justin Bieber—after being exposed to the excesses enjoyed by him and his buddies… likely the same buddies who were arrested for drug possession a few weeks ago at Bieber’s home.

In other words, Bieber isn’t just being an ass and causing problems for himself; he’s dragging others down with him. And since his pattern of bad behavior seems to be growing, I can’t imagine things getting better for him anytime soon. However, I do have a recommendation that would likely solve everyone’s problems: ship his spoiled little ass back to Canada!

Just be sure to alert Canadian law enforcement before this happens so they can prepare for what’s coming. We all know that it won’t be pretty!

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