Reality Round-Up: Check Yo Self

Ice Cube spoke the truth (Joe Dichiara)

Ice Cube spoke the truth (Joe Dichiara)

You better check yo self before you wreck yo self.  -Ice Cube, Check Yo Self (1993)

My man Ice Cube had it right when he dropped the second hit single from his third solo album The Predator more than twenty years ago. However, I would take things a little further and say, “You better check yo self before you wreck yo self… or somebody else.” And nowhere is it more apparent that people need to check themselves than in the recent news. Take a look at some of the terrible things our brethren have been up to—as well as the people made to suffer at their hands.


Last October, 17-year-old Dominic Conti—a 4.4 GPA student and former senior class president at Westlake High School—got into an altercation with a freshman football player who had been sexually harassing his 15-year-old sister. The Contis had complained to school administration before, but nothing had been done. So when Dominic and his father Larry saw the vulgar teen at a football game, they immediately found a security guard and confronted him.

Larry asked the young player if he was the one harassing his daughter, but instead of answering the question, he lunged at Dominic and his dad and even threw a punch. That’s when Dominic stepped in and pushed down the player’s arm before it could strike his father, acting in complete self-defense and within view of plenty of corroborating witnesses. And all of them know Dominic never threw a punch.

Dominic Conti tells his story (KCAL-9/CBS Local)

Dominic Conti tells his story (KCAL-9/CBS Local)

Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough for the school’s administration, who suspended Dominic for five days and stripped him of his status as senior class president. This will obviously appear on his permanent record and could even hurt his chances of getting into college. So the Contis are taking action and suing the Westlake principal for disclosing personal information about their son and defamation of character. And based on what I’ve seen, they have a very strong case.

I mean, seriously… now students are being suspended for defending themselves and other students? Check yo self, Westlake High School administration. And try to remember the values we’re trying to instill in our children. You’re supposed to be educators, for goodness sake!


On Tuesday, Solomon Perry filed a federal lawsuit against his former employer—Illinois Central Railroad Company—and three former co-workers. His allegations include racial discrimination, harassment and retaliation, culminating in a physical assault in November 2012.

Perry—an African-American man with dreadlocks—claims that he was tormented for years while working at the railroad company. Other employees would tease him, call him names like “tree swinger” and verbally insult him at every turn. Perry complained to his supervisor, but nothing was ever done and the harassment continued.

On November 10, 2012, things got even worse for Perry after he entered a room with other workers and was this time physically attacked.

Here's hoping Solomon Perry gets paid! (Alex Garcia/Chicago Tribune)

Here’s hoping Solomon Perry gets paid! (Alex Garcia/Chicago Tribune)

“One individual yanks my hair back and then I feel my scalp just being cut with a knife,” Perry recounted. “’Look at me, I’m a Rastafarian n-word like Perry’ and they’re high-fiving each other and they’re throwing locks of hair to the floor and stomping them.”

Perry complained to his supervisor about the incident, but when he seemed unwilling to help, he decided to go over-his-head to “higher ups” in the company. Instead of his problem being addressed correctly, though, the level of intimidation grew. A short time later, someone left a dead rat on the doorstep of Perry’s home along with a note in his mailbox that read “if you talk on Monday, you are dead, n-word.” That’s when Perry knew he could never return to work.

“I chose life over death,” Perry said—a sentiment he expressed to his employer just before they fired him.

Check yo self, Illinois Central Railroad Company. Do you really prefer to staff your organization with bigots and bullies? More power to you if you think this will improve your “bottom line.”


The final stop in today’s Reality Round-Up is Gary’s Chicaros, a well-established restaurant and bar in Garfield County whose owner is under fire for his questionable views—as well as his questionable business practices.

According to a number of customers and would-be patrons—via social media, of course—owner Gary James refuses to serve Hispanics, African-Americans and even the disabled in his 44-year-old establishment. In fact, even the business’ t-shirt contains derogatory words and slogans against gays, Muslims and—oddly enough—Democrats… not to mention the n-word on its front.

Of course, James says that he is proud to wear it.

One of the shirts available at Gary's Chicaros (Wonkette)

One of the shirts available at Gary’s Chicaros (Wonkette)

“I don’t really want gays around,” the racist and homophobic prick said recently. “Any man that would compromise his own body would compromise anything.” James went on to include the poor and the homeless in his ranting. “If you work, you own a business, pay your taxes, you’re more than welcome here. If you’re on welfare, stay at home and spend my money there.”

This guy is a serious piece-of-work, but he didn’t stop there.

“If I reached over there and slapped the shit out of you, you should be offended,” he said. “But to call someone a chink or someone call me a bigot, that doesn’t bother me.”

Check yo self, you bigoted piece of shit. If you think your racist and homophobic ideals are going to carry your old ass through those Pearly Gates when your day finally comes—and it can’t be far off—think again. There’s a special place in Hell for people like you… and I know they’re expecting you.

The sooner, the better, if you ask me—and I’m sure Ice Cube would agree, too.

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