Don’t Bite the Messenger

Dogs and postal workers are constantly at odds with one another (Top X Lists)

The animosity between our four-legged canine friends and mailmen is nothing new. Postal workers are often attacked and sometimes bitten by dogs protecting their territory. Of course, it now seems they face a more dangerous and unpredictable threat as they deliver their letters, parcels and junk mail: the recipients themselves.

Consider what happened in Akron, Ohio recently.

Last Saturday, a 56-year-old mail carrier visited the home of Robert Kiefer, a 25-year-old man who was apparently waiting for a check to arrive. Unfortunately, it wasn’t delivered and he decided to take his frustration out on his mailman. After attacking him with pepper spray, Kiefer did the unthinkable: he dropped to the ground and bit his mailman on the leg three times!

Thank goodness Kiefer didn’t have a dog of his own or this could have turned into a homicide!

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  1. OMG. What has our country become?

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