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What happened to Flight 370? (

On March 8th at roughly 12:40 in the morning, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 left Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing with 239 people on board. The Boeing 777-200 ER was in good mechanical shape—damage from a clipped wingtip had been repaired years earlier—had a normal amount of fuel and carried no hazardous materials. As the plane neared Vietnamese airspace, one of the pilots said, “All right, good night.”

And with that—and more than five hours of satellite pings later—he and his plane were gone.

No one knows what happened to Flight 370, whose last satellite communication occurred around 8 a.m.—nearly eight hours after takeoff. And the mystery surrounding its disappearance deepens with each passing day—as do the many conspiracy theories being postulated to explain it.

Before sharing any of these theories—as well as my own—I should mention that the plane’s transponder—the so-called “little black box” in the cockpit that transmits information like speed, position and altitude to air traffic controllers—was turned off shortly after the last radio communication from the pilots. Transponders have been known to fail on their own, of course, which is why backup transponders are also used. Some kind of catastrophic power failure could knock it out, but this seems unlikely since the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) continued to send satellite signals for hours after the transponder “failed.”

In other words, someone switched it off manually… someone in the cockpit. And if that isn’t enough to get the conspiracy nuts talking, I don’t know what is.

An aviation transponder (Wikipedia Commons)

A Watery Grave

The most obvious explanation for Flight 370’s disappearance is that it crashed in the sea for whatever reason—mechanical failure, human error… who knows. Satellite data suggests that it crashed either in the Indian Ocean or the Bay of Bengal. And since the last known readings of the plane’s location show it changing altitude dramatically and flying erratically across the Malay Peninsula, a “water landing” seems perfectly logical… or so you would think.

Terror from Above

Another “theory” that also seems quite obvious involves terrorist hijackers, who either brought the plane down or flew it to some undisclosed location—with several hundred hostages, no less. Some fear a plane this size could be outfitted for some evil purpose and used as a weapon later. This seems unlikely, though, since a Boeing 777 requires at least a mile-long runway, none of which have been found in the area. Granted, it could be a hidden runway, but a huge plane landing anywhere would draw at least a little attention, right?

Some terrorism theorists also point to the pilots at the helm of Flight 370. Even though neither of these men have been linked to terrorist groups—nor have “checkered” pasts in any measurable way—there are some things that simply don’t add up. Switching off the plane’s transponder raises an immediate red flag. And new satellite information revealed that someone also disabled the ACARS system before the plane reached the east coast of Malaysia—which raises even more suspicion.

Something definitely smells fishy about this whole thing.

It Came from Outer Space

One of my favorite Flight 370 conspiracy theories brings with it a touch of Armageddon and some nice science fiction flair. Apparently, a meteor was reported in the area of the plane when it took off, so some believe there could have been an impact. I’m not sure how this might explain the aircraft continuing to fly for hours and hours—unless the meteor damaged some equipment that took its time to fail—but it seemed entertaining enough to mention. And I’m still waiting to hear how aliens play into all of this.

I think I know where to find the Flight 370 passengers… (ABC/Bad Robot Productions)

Can You Handle THE TRUTH?

I can’t be sure why no one has entertained the real theory—soon to be the real truth—behind the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: the plane and its passengers have been taken to The Island. Yes, I am referencing the mysterious island from ABC’s cult hit Lost—the one where passengers like Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley ended up being in Purgatory (as seen in its disappointing series finale). Isn’t this the most obvious explanation of all?

Think about it. Jack and his peeps were flying on Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 from Sydney to Los Angeles when they crashed on an island inhabited by “others.” No trace of the plane was ever found and until some of the passengers returned home later, all aboard the flight were presumed dead. Those familiar with the series also know that the island was a sort of “power point” for electromagnetic energy—energy that could be harnessed and used to move the island through time and space.

In other words—and suspending all disbelief for a moment—it is possible that the island suddenly appeared in the Indian Ocean, caused an electrical disruption powerful enough to incapacitate Flight 370, and brought the plane and its passengers where Sawyer, Sun and Charlie had gone before: Purgatory.

Look at the bright side, though: at least it’s tropical! Just watch out for the black smoke!

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