Jackass of the Day Award, Vol. VII

Photo courtesy Kill Devil Hills Police Department

The scene of Young’s crime (Kill Devil Hills PD)

It’s difficult to ignore people who do ridiculous and downright stupid things, especially when they come from my own state. So for today’s Jackass of the Day Award, I turn to Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina and a story from late last week.

On Thursday, police from Kill Devil Hills responded to a report from Plaza Azteca, a Mexican restaurant that had been robbed the night before. Employees were reviewing surveillance footage Thursday morning and noticed an unidentified man slipping into the restaurant through a ventilation shaft in the kitchen and making off with a number of stolen items, including a cash drawer. They immediately called police, who conducted a brief investigation.

I say brief because it didn’t take them long to determine who the culprit was—the driver’s license he left near the ventilation shaft on the roof was a dead giveaway!

The license led police to 25-year-old Royce Thad Young Jr., who fled on foot the moment cops showed up with an arrest warrant. Fortunately, he was apprehended after a brief chase and inside his home, police found the missing cash drawer, other items stolen from the restaurant and even some cocaine, oxycodone and drug paraphernalia.

Young was obviously arrested and charged with possession of stolen property, felonious breaking and entering and injury to real property. He was granted $200,000 bond and will face his day in court soon.

I guess the danger of being stopped without a driver’s license meant more to Young than being arrested for robbery, huh?

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