Safe Carry, Very Scary

Guns in bars? Great idea… not! (Washington Post)

Last month, Georgia’s Republican governor Nathan Deal signed the state’s Safe Carry Protection Act—otherwise known as the “guns everywhere bill”—into law. In essence, this gives Georgia gun owners with concealed weapons permits the right to be “strapped” in bars, schools, churches… basically everywhere you hope not to see firearms.

I mean, have we learned nothing from Columbine, Newtown and every other gun-related tragedy in recent years?

The new law goes into effect on July 1, but that hasn’t stopped gun lovers from carrying their gats everywhere NOW. Three days after the ill-advised bill was signed, a Forsythe County man was seen walking through a public park—filled with children and their parents—showing his gun to passersby, waving it in the air and screaming things like “I got a gun and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

What’s next, Georgia? Armed children? (EIGA SEISAKU IINKAI)

Within minutes, police received dozens of 911 calls and dispatched officers to the scene. Fortunately for this gun-crazed maniac, he had a legal permit to carry his weapon and since he made no verbal threats or gestures, he couldn’t be arrested. Police couldn’t even ask him to leave, for goodness sake.

The same couldn’t be said for some of the parents, though, who immediately grabbed their kids and hauled ass.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but how can a law like this be a good thing? Am I supposed to believe that armed customers getting hammered in some pub should be trusted not to discharge their firearms if a fight breaks out? I used to be a bartender and—believe me—even the most well-mannered, seemingly stable people can become impulsive and volatile under the influence of alcohol. Hell, I’ve seen customers come to blows over the stupidest things. Thankfully, none of them were armed or things could have been much, much worse… kind of like they’re likely to get in Georgia as time passes.

I guess I won’t be visiting that state anytime soon, at least not without a Kevlar body suit!

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