“O” My Goodness!

Beware! Sex stuff ahead! (Washington Post)

Beware! Sex stuff ahead! (Washington Post)

WARNING! Mature subject matter ahead! Proceed at your own risk!

The female orgasm is not something I discuss—or even achieve—very often, but I have no doubt that it exists. Of course, the proof is in the proverbial pudding, so here are a few examples I hope will support the existence of The Big O.

That or they will prove the natural proclivity of females for drama and deception. And trust me when I tell you this statement carries no judgment on my part. Again, I’m a believer in the female orgasm, so we’re really on the same side.

My first example comes from the Dutch dance music trio ADAM, who just released a new VIDEO for their single “Go to Go.” It’s rather minimalist—both visually and musically—but there is one major difference that makes it absolutely delightful: the women are using vibrators to achieve orgasm as they sing!

Their vibrating friends are off-screen, of course, and—as you might imagine—the song kind of falls apart towards the end… in a very good way. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it… and watching it… and watching it… and I hope you enjoy it, too.

Be right back. I just watched it again and I need a quick cigarette. Talk amongst yourselves.

Wow. That music video will be hard to top. We’ll give it a try anyway and move to Venice Beach, California for our second example.

These guys crack me up! (Simple Pickup/YouTube)

These guys crack me up! (Simple Pickup/YouTube)

Simple Pickup is an all-male group known for their outrageous videos and stunts, all designed to inform their fellow men on a range of topics. And their latest endeavor has some people up-in-arms once again.

Last week, SP took a Sybian to Venice Beach. For the uninitiated—which included me until recently—a Sybian is a vibrating pleasure saddle for women. I can draw you a diagram, if you like, but that description should suffice. It paints quite a picture, don’t you think?

In support of the Orchid Project—a nonprofit that seeks to end the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM)—Simple Pickup planned to donate $5 for every second a woman remained on the Sybian. They also pledged another $100 for every 100,000 views their video received online. You can see it for yourself by going HERE.

Although numerous women stopped to enjoy the vibrating toy—in plain view of passersby and even cops, who didn’t seem to mind—some have criticized SP for being insensitive to the consequences of FGM, which is practiced as a way to reduce a woman’s sexual pleasure.

Sorry, but I disagree.

If the goal is to end FGM, then one of the intended results is to allow women more sexual pleasure. In this way, I don’t believe that showing American women coming close to—or even having—an orgasm is insensitive. Instead, it might make American women more aware of what their FGM sisters are missing, more sensitive to their plight and more likely to donate to their cause. Tell me again how that’s a bad thing?

Plus it’s an awesome video to watch… and it might be time to bring a Sybian into my neighborhood, too!

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