Best Senior Prank Ever

The location of the vagina inspections: Prior Lake High School (KSTP)

The location of the vagina inspections: Prior Lake High School (KSTP)

Pranksters from Prior Lake High School in Savage, Minnesota remain at large after pulling the most hilarious senior prank of all time—and I don’t feel like I’m exaggerating, either.

In letters hand-delivered to more than 50 families, our heroes officially notified students of mandatory vagina inspections being held in their high school gym. The letter was written on official-looking letterhead, provided specific dates and times, and even threatened graduation if not completed in a timely manner.

It also warned students to remove all clitoral piercings and to shave properly before attending the inspection.

Check it out:

Genius! (Fark)

Genius! (Fark)

Reactions to this outrageous prank have been mixed, as you might imagine. School administrators and police were less amused—and the search continues for the perpetrators of this offensive, yet highly creative joke—but some students found the prank funny. And I thought it was kick ass, so much so that I have an announcement to make.

Registration for the First Annual Gnostic Bent Hoo-Ha Inspection and Throw-Down will begin soon. More information will follow, ladies, but the same rules about piercings and shaving apply… I wish!

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