Ritualize It

Misteri Ritual Seks Di Gunung Kemukus Untuk Mencari Kekayaan

Knocking boots Muslim-style (LintasME)

Despite being agnostic, I was raised in a Southern Baptist church and, as a result, participated in several religious rituals—most notably communion and baptism. I understood the significance of these rituals at the time and joined in willingly, but they obviously had little effect since I still drifted away from Christianity later in life.

Recently, however, I heard about a Muslim ritual in Indonesia that I can really “get behind,” in a manner of speaking. It involves a shrine known as Gunung Kemukus and the legend of Pangeran Samodro, a young Muslim prince who fell in love with his stepmother, Nyai Ontrowulan. The couple fled to Gunung Kemukus and were in the process of making love when they were discovered and killed by guards.

A couple prepares for the spiritual and kinky ritual (Flickr)

To celebrate this legend—and to complete the union of the young, interrupted lovers—Muslims in Indonesia travel to the shrine every 35 days, offer flowers and prayers at a sacred grave, and then seek out a stranger with whom to have anonymous sex. Some believe this ritual completes the copulation of its legendary inspirations, while others feel their shameful act helps to minimize the shame of Samodro and his stepmother’s physical relationship. Whatever the case may be, though, the end result is the same: Muslims hooking up with strangers and doing the nasty in makeshift bungalows surrounding Gunung Kemukus.

I may not practice Islam, but it suddenly seems much more appealing. Any chance non-believers can register for this ritual? And if so, is online registration available?

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  1. This thing shouldn’t even be considered a Western. It should be considered a cartoon.

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