GTA Saves the Day!

One of the best video games ever made… and helpful, too! (Rockstar Games)

All you ever hear about the popular Rockstar video game series Grand Theft Auto is how it glorifies violence, celebrates death and turns average, everyday kids into mindless zombies intent on destruction in their real lives. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth—since the evening news can be just as violent and disturbing as any video game—and now we have proof.

Charley Cullen is an 11-year-old boy from Slane, Ireland who recently found himself in a potentially deadly situation. He and his 79-year-old grandfather were driving home from a drama class—traveling roughly 70 mph—when his grandfather suddenly blacked out behind the wheel… with his foot still on the accelerator!

Fortunately, Charley acted quickly, grabbed the wheel with one hand and used the other to try and revive his “papa.” He steered the car away from busy roads and eventually crashed sideways into the gates of a building, fracturing his skull in the process. Despite his injury, though, Charley was still able to pull his grandfather from the car and carry him more than 50 yards to their home.

“We got to my Papa’s house and my Nana didn’t know what was happening or anything like that,” Charley explained in an interview on Ireland’s RTE Radio. “I opened the door and I can just remember the screams at the back of my head.”

An ambulance arrived a short time later and, thankfully, both Charley and his grandfather are doing fine. However, when asked how he was able to react so quickly—and to drive an automobile at all, given his lack of formal training—Charley scored one for GTA lovers everywhere when he responded, “The only way I had any experience was the Grand Theft Auto game.”

In other words, GTA didn’t turn this kid into a psychopathic school shooter; it turned him into a hero and actually saved lives.

Take that, GTA haters!

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