Inflatable Love


How is it possible that this handsome devil can’t find a real woman? (Hamilton PD)

Edwin Tobergta of Ohio has a problem: he loves inflatables… a little too much.

Last week, Tobergta was arrested in the town of Hamilton after someone spotted him naked on Route 4 pleasuring himself with a pink pool flotation device—basically a raft. He was in full view of local businesses and passing cars, but didn’t seem to care until the cops showed up to arrest him. Tobergta was later charged with contempt of court and public indecency, but this wasn’t his first such offense, I’m afraid.

In 2002, Tobergta was arrested for simulating sex with an inflatable pumpkin. Nine years later, he was caught in an alley with his pants down, trying to bang—you guessed it—a pink, inflatable raft. And believe it or not, but he was busted again in 2013 for attempting to “make love” to the very same pink raft!

I guess no one told him they make inflatable sex dolls for this very reason, huh? Of course, inflatable rafts are likely much cheaper and easier to replace at the nearest surf shop or Walmart, so I’m sure some of his reasons are economic in nature. Crazy yet frugal bastard!

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