Stop Faking It

He fouled me! He fouled me! (Real Madrid)

I love truth in advertising, especially when humor is involved. So when I ran across this commercial from Durex, an international condom manufacturer, it tickled me so much I felt obligated to share it.

The commercial plays off World Cup soccer and all the flopping on the ground players do to try to draw penalties against their opponents. Regardless of how minor the contact is, some players act as if they’ve been mortally wounded—and some of them should win Academy Awards for their melodramatic performances, believe me.

Durex uses this faking to encourage people not to fake it in another place: the bedroom. It’s a hilarious approach to selling condoms and, honestly, I might just pick up a Durex product the next time I need one… provided that day ever comes (no pun intended).

Sorry I can’t embed the video on my blog, but if you go HERE, then you should find it. And I hope you enjoy and appreciate it as much as I did!

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