The Holy Apple

Fuji apple or Fu-Jesus? Does religious fruit cost extra? (KOB-TV)

Fuji apple or Fu-Jesus? Does religious fruit cost extra? (KOB-TV)

It is always hilarious to me when people see the image of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary or some other religious figure in a regular, everyday object. Religious zealots will travel for hundreds of miles just to see a Frosted Flake that looks like the Son of God, or perhaps a statue whose hands and feet are suddenly stricken with stigmata that actually bleeds—even if the blood is really paint being washed down by torrential rain.

The latest religious hilarity comes from Albuquerque resident David Duran, who swears the Fuji apple he was preparing to cut recently to make apple butter actually has the image of Jesus Christ holding a lamb on it.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen this on a piece of fruit or any type of vegetable,” Duran told a reporter from local news station KOB-TV. “Maybe it’s a sign from the Lord that maybe we need to change our ways and maybe look at things to be more positive in this world… like helping our fellow neighbors and being good to people.”

While I agree that people should be nicer to each other and that our world could use serious improvement, I offer another, far-less-likely explanation: maybe it’s just an apple.

You be the judge.

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