The Big Day

Will Germany defeat the Argentines as they did in the 2010 World Cup quarterfinals? Or will this be Argentina’s year to raise the cup high? (Franck Robichon/European Pressphoto Agency)

After a month of some of the greatest soccer ever played, the Big Day has finally arrived: the 2014 World Cup final.

In just a few hours, soccer giants Germany and Argentina will face off to see who the best team in the world really is. Outstanding players like Muller, Messi, Klose and Higuain will strive to bring the esteemed cup home and it should be a battle for the ages—not to mention a stressful two hours or more for me, a huge Argentina fan.

As you might imagine, the Germans are the favorites after destroying opponents in the tournament, most notably the Brazilians by a score of 7-1 a few days ago. The Argentines have also rolled through the World Cup, only most of their wins have been by one goal. And honestly, one goal may be all it takes to win the championship today. I only hope it comes from the foot of Messi.

Of course, the German team has plans of its own, as well as the weapons needed to secure victory. They play hard and fast, which means Argentina’s defense will have to be ready not only to stop their endless attacks, but to provide counterstrike opportunities for their frontline. Messi will have to be on his game more than ever, in other words, especially if he hopes to surpass Diego Maradona as the best Argentine player of all time.

Messi has to win the cup, in other words, and I for one hope he does. I have great respect for the Germans—who were incredibly humble in their dismantling of the home team—but for Argentina I have something that I hope will prevail: love.

Your time has come, Argentina. Let’s show the world some of that Messi magic and bring the World Cup back to South America!

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