Congratulations, Germany!


Germany celebrates an amazing World Cup performance! Congratulations, champs! (FABRICE COFFRINI/Getty Images)

Though it hurt my heart to watch the hopes of dreams of my Argentineans fade away during the 2014 World Cup final, I would like to congratulate the German squad on a job well done. Nice work, Alemania!

Of course, it took 90 minutes of grueling defensive play—as well as extra time—for the Germans to get the upper hand. Argentina had plenty of chances—most of which were called back for being offside—but it was a Mario Gotze goal in the 113th minute that dashed all Argentinean hopes of a championship.

And what a beautiful goal it was, too—perfectly launched off the bounce and over the head of goalkeeper Romero, who was the hero in penalty kicks against the Dutch, but less so on this day.

Yes, it was a stressful match and the end of a long World Cup journey. And though it hurts me to admit it, Germany was clearly the best team on the pitch and deserved the victory. They even became the first European team to win a championship in the Americas, a record I am sure they relish after such an amazing performance.

So congratulations, Germany. You earned your title and proved that a well-oiled machine—when combined with strong teamwork and a humble nature—can take you far. I have nothing but respect for you all and hope this victory brings smiles and cheers from Germans everywhere. You’re such awesome people that it’s nice to bring some joy to your great nation.

¡Viva Alemania!

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