The new "GoPro vibrator" is, um, an interesting way to take selfies

The “GoPro vibrator” is on sale now! (Svakom)

When you hear the term techno-sex, the first thought that likely comes to mind involves people having sex with robots. And while this probably isn’t too far into our collective future—and could actually be happening now, come to think of it—the good news is that there is plenty of other sex technology available now to perverts everywhere.

Last month, the makers of Fleshlight introduced an accessory to enhance their popular, handheld masturbation tool. It’s called the Launchpad, which is essentially just a special iPad case that allows users to connect their Fleshlights to their tablets. This means that while they watch porn—or even Skype with unsuspecting victims—men can pleasure themselves by effectively banging their Apple products.

I bet Steve Jobs never envisioned that happening, huh?

Steve could have gotten an iJob from the Launchpad (Esquire)

Not to be outdone, the Chinese-based company Svakom just introduced their own technologically sexual device, the Gaga. Basically, it’s a vibrator outfitted with a camera and a light so users can see inside whatever “holes” they choose to plug with it. In other words, it’s a personal vagina cam—or ass cam, depending on your preference.

Yes, for the low, low price of $180—which includes both the device itself and a handy USB cable—you can not only pleasure yourself or your partner, but also see what lies beneath—or inside, I suppose. And who doesn’t want to see inside their lover’s twat or rectum?

Why just the other day I was wondering how I might perform my own colonoscopy…

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