Chopping Mad

aiwa matsuo beheaded by classmate

Matsuo met an untimely death (Huffington Post)

A 16-year-old Japanese girl in Sasebo, Nagasaki prefecture is in big trouble after allegedly murdering 15-year-old Aiwa Matsuo last Saturday evening.

Matsuo had gone to meet some friends, but never returned and was reported missing by her family. Unfortunately, she was found a short time later, only her body was not intact. Her head and left hand had been severed.

Apparently, the suspect clubbed Matsuo over the head with a metal object, strangled her and then proceeded to dismember her body. The two girls attended the same school, but the principal was unaware of any problems they might have had with one another.

“I have no words to say now,” he said of the terrible tragedy. “I am overwhelmed by sadness, regret and various feelings.”

I can only assume some of his message was lost in translation. If not, then he has to be the vaguest principal on the face of the planet… but I digress.

To date, no one knows why the suspect chose to both kill and dismember her victim. Her mother passed away last year and friends have described her as being “very smart, with emotional ups and downs.” Of course, this still doesn’t explain why she would commit such a gruesome and heinous act.

I understand that a motive in this killing has yet to be revealed, but if the girls did have some kind of “beef” with one another, why is murder the best option in solving their problems? Don’t people just meet after school to brawl anymore?

The times they are a’changing, I suppose… and certainly not for the better.

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