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penis cloud

Is it me or is that cloud starting to get a little too aroused? (SWNS)

Have you ever played that game where you watch cloud formations and try to determine what they look like? “That one looks like a dog! And that one might be the cat it’s chasing!” You get the point.

Well, imagine the surprise of Derbyshire’s Villager Jim, who spotted a cloud that looked mysteriously like part of the male anatomy.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw it over my house,” he said of the ethereal phallus. “It’s not usually the sort of thing I would take a picture of, but I’m not going to miss out on a huge cock flying overhead.”

Huge is right, Jim. And I suppose the same rule applies to both penises and clouds: size does matter.

Does this bratwurst make you feel better or worse about yourself? (Erro Design Shop)

Actually, since we’re on the subject of penis size, have you ever wondered which country’s citizens are most apt to have their penises enlarged? The answer should come as no surprise since it’s the same country that brought you bratwurst and other fine sausages: Germany!

Yes, of all the penis enlargement operations in the civilized world, roughly 18% involve German men who likely drift into depression anytime they’re served a brat larger than their own undersized member. Second place goes to Venezuela, a nation also cursed with micro-penises.

I sure am glad the U.S. didn’t make the list!

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