Burning Love


The SexFit comes in white, black or pink (Bondara UK)

Burning calories in an effort to improve physical fitness is no easy task. Fortunately, there are nearly endless activities to help you do so. High-impact aerobics, for instance, can shed between 200-300 calories every thirty minutes. And the list goes on for half-hour stints of other activities: 75-100 calories for billiards, 90-130 for Frisbee, 105-155 for golf (if you use a cart), and 180-300 for dancing, to name a few.

What about sex, though? How many calories are burned during normal bouts of lovemaking?

Most researchers believe that men burn 100 calories during the average sex session, with women lagging a little behind at 69—and no, I am not making this up. Of course, the longer you bang—and the more vigorous your positions and movements—the more calories you stand to burn. Measuring exactly can be tricky, however—and downright messy at times—but thanks to the people at UK-based company Bondara, this task may soon be much, much easier.

Enter the SexFit, a vibrating cock ring that can also be used to track male sexual fitness. Call it a “pedometer for your penis.”

Syncing with a free smart phone app, the SexFit allows its users to measure the calories they burn during lovemaking, but also measures thrusts per minute. What’s more, users can upload and share this data on social media, which should make for all sorts of embarrassing posts in the future.

Imagine someone posting a picture of their favorite meal on Facebook—with relevant calorie information—along with sex data showing exactly how they burned those calories in the bedroom. I don’t know about you, but I welcome anything that reduces the number of Some-ecards and annoying duck lip photos to which Facebook users are subjected on a daily basis.

Sadly, the SexFit is still only a prototype, but it won’t be long until it becomes available to men the world over. Reserve one today and when your SexFit finally arrives, let the thrusting commence!

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