Common Sense and Gun Control

You’re the man, Governor Patrick! (D.C. Clothesline)

Given all the gun-related tragedies over the last few years—as well as the government’s inability to pass meaningful gun control legislation, despite the rising body count—I want to send a special “thank you” to Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (D).

On Wednesday, Patrick signed into law what many have called a “common-sense gun reform” package—and he did it in spite of objections from the National Rifle Association, the organization that seems to control all gun legislation in this country.

The package includes extensive gun control measures that are needed nationwide, to be honest. Here are some features worth noting:

  • Penalties for several gun-based crimes have been toughened.
  • Police chiefs now have the ability to ask courts to deny firearms identification cards for people deemed unfit to buy guns.
  • A firearm trafficking unit has been formed within the state police.
  • Massachusetts will now join the National Instant Background Check system.
  • An online portal will be created so background checks can be performed for private gun purchases.

This might be our future if we don’t do something about gun control soon (Chump Change)

Supporters of more responsible gun control legislation were obviously pleased by Patrick’s progressive measures and hope Massachusetts will become “a leader for the rest of the nation.” Molly Malloy of the Massachusetts chapter of Moms Demand Action actually put it best when she issued the following statement in response to this wonderful news:

“With the stroke of Governor Patrick’s pen today, Massachusetts is now a leader for the rest of the nation in passing common-sense gun reform while continuing to respect the Second Amendment rights we all value. The single most effective thing we can do to keep guns out of dangerous hands and reduce the number of Americans killed with guns every day is require criminal background checks on all sales to close the loophole that allows felons, domestic abusers and the dangerously mentally ill to buy guns. Real leadership is what will keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, and we are grateful to have leaders on this issue taking action to protect our families in the commonwealth.”

Thanks for infusing logic into gun control legislation, Governor Patrick, and for actually giving a damn about the welfare of Massachusetts citizens. I only hope our leaders in Washington take note and follow your common-sense example… but I’m not holding my breath.

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