Reality Round-Up: Bad Sex Edition

This is the only motorcycle sex that interests me! (Toro Magazine)

As I understand it, sex is supposed to be an intimate and pleasurable experience between two (or more) people who care for each other. Unfortunately, it is often used with criminal intent—and there is no shortage of news stories about people using sex for evil or simply choosing to perform sexual acts in inappropriate places. During today’s web search, I stumbled across all sorts of deranged sex stories, which I now share for this latest edition of the Reality Round-Up.

And as you can see from my title, this is what happens when sex turns bad.

Motorcycle enthusiast Dilworth (Velusia County Sheriff's Department)

Motorcycle enthusiast Dilworth (Velusia County Sheriff’s Department)

Ormond Beach, Florida: There must be something about Florida—perhaps the warm, dewy sweet air—that functions as an aphrodisiac for some people. I say this only because I found another story of someone losing sexual control in full view of the public. Today’s “horny toad” is 50-year-old Karen Dilworth. On Saturday night, Dilworth decided to straddle a motorcycle in her garage—backwards, no less—and to gratify herself sexually… with her garage door wide open! What’s worse is that her legs were also wide open and she wasn’t wearing underwear, so everyone who passed by could watch as she pleasured herself—including a 13-year-old boy. Needless to say, neighbors complained until Dilworth closed her garage and within minutes, the cops arrived to arrest her. She denied the allegations, of course, but it was too late. Her neighbors fingered her—so to speak—and now she faces charges of lewd and lascivious behavior. With any luck, her next sexual excursion will occur in an automobile with doors that close. Might I recommend a manual transmission (wink wink)?

Easily the worst hostel owner ever, Michael Harris (PinIt)

Easily the worst hostel owner ever, Michael Harris (PinIt)

Kaitaia, New Zealand: For travelers the world over, hostels provide suitable, short-term housing at rates far cheaper than most hotels. One such hostel is the Mainstreet Lodge in New Zealand, which is owned by 56-year-old Michael Harris. For years, Harris provided affordable housing to his guests, many of which were male backpackers hoping to explore the region. Unfortunately, it was Harris who did most of the exploring—and not in a good way, either. Over the span of 30 months, he drugged, molested and recorded himself with at least 16 male guests, most of them between the ages of 18 and 25. The good news is that Harris’ reign of sexual terror has ended. Police arrested him and on Wednesday he was indicted on nearly 40 charges that include aggravated wounding, indecent assault and possession of intimate visual recordings. He will pay for his crimes, of course, but I find it disturbing that had he never recorded these incidents, Harris would likely be molesting innocent people today. I guess we’re lucky that sexual deviance and video recording so often go hand-in-hand, huh?

Cat lover Douglas Westcott (PinIt)

Cat lover Douglas Westcott (PinIt)

Lake Worth, Florida: Once again, we return to the kinky state of Florida for another bizarre sex—and animal—story. And no, this has nothing to do with bestiality. Instead, it involves 55-year-old Douglas Westcott, a man suspected of possessing child pornography. On Wednesday, police went to his home with a search warrant to arrest him on three counts of child porn. What they found, however, was much different. Living in his house were more than 30 cats, as well as litter boxes overflowing with urine and feces. Most of the cats were in decent health, but it wasn’t the living cats that were an issue; it was the more than 50 dead cats Westcott has stored in four different freezers. I’m not sure what his intentions could be, but dead cats and child porn are a pretty disturbing combination.

Tennis anyone? No thanks (AP)

Tennis anyone? No thanks (AP)

Livermore, California: Our final “bad sex” story comes from The Golden State of California and features 32-year-old Andrew Nisbet, a former youth golf instructor at Las Positas Golf Course. Nisbet was arrested last December for molesting students between the ages of 12 and 17, crimes that earned him 75 felony counts. Sadly, molesting these poor children wasn’t enough; he also tried to have them killed so they couldn’t testify against him. Fortunately, police busted Nisbet trying to have two victims “taken care of” with the help of an undercover agent, who recorded his conversations with Nisbet. On Thursday, this perverted golf pro pleaded guilty to numerous charges and will soon be sentenced to 27 years in prison—a small price to pay for someone intent on playing with balls not related to the game of golf… freak.

Bad sex is everywhere, people, so watch your backs out there… as well as your fronts!

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