Reality Round-Up: Quick Fire Edition

This is how to have a dog for dinner (Healthy Dog for Life)

I hate when I get so tied up with work-related activities that I simply can’t develop a solid blog post. Fortunately, I have a small window of opportunity now, so prepare for a “quick fire” edition of the Reality Round-Up!

In California, a man named Ryan Eddy Watenpaugh was arrested for allegedly cooking his girlfriend’s dog—after a fight, of course—and then serving it to her for dinner! She had no idea what she was eating, so he sent her a text message a few days later and asked how her dog tasted. Watenpaugh then went to her house and left a little gift on her doorstep: the Pomeranian’s severed paws! Needless to say, he was charged with domestic violence, animal cruelty and several other crimes. And to make matters worse, police found an AK-47 assault rifle and high-capacity magazines in his home, which means he could be going away for a long, long time.

Gilman proved that women can rape men, too (PinIt)

Gilman proved that women can rape men, too (PinIt)

In Seattle, Washington, 26-year-old Chantae Gilman was charged with second-degree rape for breaking into the home of a 31-year-old man, straddling him in his bed and raping him while he was sleeping. Fortunately, the man woke up in time to break free of his 240-pound “secret lover” and phone police, who arrested Gilman and took her to jail. Apparently, she suffers from mental illness and could not recall the late-night attack. I include it here only because so few female-on-male rapes seem to be reported, but it’s obvious they happen more often than we know.

Finally, in Jeffersonville, Indiana, convicted killer Joseph Oberhansley now faces new murder charges after admitting to not only killing his girlfriend, Tammy Jo Blanton—a woman who posted his bond on an earlier charge—but also eating parts of her lungs, heart and brain. Officers found Blanton’s body in the bathtub of her home with whole sections of her skull carved out. And when they finally arrested Oberhansley, he admitted to cooking and eating her missing body parts. How disgusting is that?

Yes, crime is alive and well in America and no one is safe. Watch your backs, people, so the next victim won’t be you!

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