The Ultimate Sacrifice

A courageous bus driver sacrificed herself for a child (Fox 13 Now)

Earlier today, I ran across the most heartwarming—and heartbreaking—story that I feel impelled to share it with you fine people. It happened in Ohio recently and truly shows how unselfish and courageous people can be.

On Tuesday morning, students arriving by bus at Middlebury Academy were asked to perform evacuation drills. Children ranging from kindergarteners to 8th graders first exited the front of the bus, then lined back up, returned to the bus and started to evacuate through its rear exit.

For whatever reason, the bus started to roll backwards as the last student—a 10-year-old girl—was exiting. Without even blinking, 51-year-old bus driver Laura Zborowski grabbed the little girl and tossed her safely onto the nearby grass. Unfortunately, she didn’t have time to save herself—the bus rolled right over her. She was pronounced dead a few hours later.

In other words, Zborowski paid the ultimate price and sacrificed her own life for the life of a child. She is being hailed as a hero in her community because, let’s face it, she is a hero. And though I hate to hear about anyone losing their life, it warms my heart to see how selfless and brave our fellow humans can be when they put the needs of others above their own.

Maybe there is some hope for the future…

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