Pot Pops

Lollipops are supposed to make people happy on their own! (Grumpes)

Bringing treats to school for your friends and classmates isn’t a new concept. Both students and parents seem to be trained to do this from elementary school and beyond. Of course, the kind of treats you bring can make a huge difference, as one girl from Enfield High School in Connecticut just learned.

On Monday, the girl-in-question supplied numerous students with lollipops—only these were both sweet and psychedelic.

They were pot pops—lollipops laced with THC, the active psychotropic ingredient in marijuana.

Apparently, the girl ordered the lollipops from California by mail and distributed them to her friends. Unfortunately, some of the pops reached other, unintended targets, including a 16-year-old girl who was hospitalized Monday night. Thankfully, she should be fine.

Of course, the pot pop delivery person may not be so lucky. Since she’s a juvenile, she will not be arrested and will instead be referred to the juvenile court system. No word yet on her punishment, but one thing is for certain: she won’t look at lollipops the same way again!

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