Jackass of the Day Award VI

Walter Earl Morrison

Misguided criminal Walter Earl Morrison (PinIt)

It’s been a while since I crowned someone as the Jackass of the Day, but I ran across the perfect recipient earlier and could not resist bestowing him with this title.

Today’s jackass is 20-year-old Walter Earl Morrison of Phoenix, Arizona, a former UPS employee at Sky Harbor Airport.

According to ABC-15, Morrison was unloading cargo one September day and decided to swipe one of the packages. He thought it contained cash and later traded it for two joints—approximately $20 worth of marijuana. Unfortunately, the package contained something slightly more valuable: a diamond worth $160,000!

Needless to say, Morrison was picked up by police a short time later and charged with felony theft. The diamond was recovered and returned to its rightful owner.

It’s hard to understand why Morrison never opened the package himself, but I suspect he was high when he stole it. If not, then chalk this one up to stupidity.

Congratulations, Walter! You are my Jackass of the Day!

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