Whip It Good!

In the immortal words of Devo, "Whip it good!" (Buzzfeed)

In the immortal words of Devo, “Whip it good!” (Buzzfeed)

For today’s blog post—and given all the interesting and shocking news stories floating around out there—I thought a quick whip-a-round might be in order. I don’t have enough for another edition of the Reality Round-Up, but here are some of the recent stories that caught my eye and piqued my interest.

Selbyville, Delaware: 30-year-old mother Ashley Tull was recently charged with drug possession and child endangerment after her four-year-old daughter mistakenly took 250 heroin packets to her daycare. She thought they were candy and distributed the packets to her classmates before staff members realized the truth. A number of children were taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure, but thankfully no one was hurt by this terrible mistake. The investigation is ongoing, but it’s obvious Tull won’t be winning a “Parent of the Year” award anytime soon!

Text messaging can be dangerous! (Stock Photo)

Text messaging can be dangerous! (Stock Photo)

East Harlem, New York: Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I hate meetings. So few of them do more than waste time and nothing productive ever seems to come from them. They also tend to be very boring, but I endure them nonetheless. Unfortunately, a charter school teacher in New York named “Eric” has the same tendency, only he reacted to his boredom in a bizarre and even illegal way. He sent two text messages to his wife, the first of which asked her to call in a bomb threat—which would undoubtedly bring the meeting to an abrupt end. She did as she was told and then received his second text message, which read simply “ha ha.” Moments later, eight NYPD units descended on the school to investigate the threat. No arrests have been made yet, but it seems like only a matter of time. If nothing else, this is proof positive that you should not only watch what you text to people, but read all your texts before taking action!

Prasetyo and Volke, her killer (Facebook)

Prasetyo and Volke, her killer (Facebook)

Ballarat, Australia: Our final story comes from “down under” and is the darkest of the bunch. It involves 28-year-old Marcus Volke, an Australian chef who was just arrested for murdering his Indonesian girlfriend and transgender dancer, Mayang Prasetyo. On Saturday night, police responded to a call about a strange, “rotting meat” smell coming from Volke’s apartment. When they investigated, they discovered the chef had not only killed his lover; he had also dismembered her body and was boiling some of her body parts in chemicals on the stove. Volke fled but before he could be apprehended, he committed suicide in an industrial bin near his apartment. It was a sad end to an even more tragic situation, in other words.

So ends the whip-a-round! Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day, peeps!

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