Lab-Grown Sausage

Create your own sausage! (

For years, scientists have used technology to grow human organs in laboratory settings. I remember one instance where a human ear was grown on the back of a mouse, which was a pretty freaky sight to see. Of course, this isn’t the strangest example given a recent story about researchers at Wake Forest University, who successfully grew penile erectile tissue in 2009 and created a “functional engineered solid organ” for rabbits.

And by “organ,” I mean “penis.”

Yes, scientists now seem to be capable of growing penises in their labs, and the first human trials could be ready within the next four or five years.

I know what you’re thinking: Maybe I can have a really large member grown in a lab to replace the flaccid, undersized sausage I currently have?

Sorry, but that’s not really how it works.

Lab-grown penises could be used to help men with penile cancer, erectile dysfunction and even abnormalities in their nether regions. They may also help guys whose penises are destroyed due to injury… or vengeful women, I suppose (think Lorena Bobbitt).

Unfortunately, this procedure won’t help transgender men since their surgeries involve using existing penile tissue. But it could help a lot of others, so kudos to the WFU researchers responsible for this ground-breaking treatment.

I would offer them a twelve-penis salute but, sadly, I have only one saluting them at the moment!

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