Urban Zombie Cuisine

When the zombie apocalypse finally comes—as we all know it will, most likely from some mutated version of the Ebola virus—finding plentiful sources of human flesh will be extremely important… at least for those of us who have turned.

Fortunately, real estate website Trulia just released an infographic entitled “The Most Appetizing U.S. Cities for Zombies.” Check it out:

The ultimate guide to undead dining (Trulia)

In evaluating 25 American cities, real estate experts focused on four criteria:

  • Hospital density, because patients are easy pickings for the undead
  • Congestion (i.e. traffic)
  • Availability of hardware stores, which have everything you need to create some kick-ass, zombie-killing weapons
  • Walk score (how easy it would be for “walkers” to get around)

Congratulations to Honolulu, Hawaii for taking the number one spot! Flesh-eating luau, anyone?

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