The Devil and Miss Jackass

What the Devil might drink for an energy boost (Monster Energy)

In a video that went viral on YouTube this weekend, a woman claimed that Monster Energy drinks weren’t the chosen products of God or Jesus, but of Satan himself.

Check it out HERE.

Apparently, she believes that the M in Monster resembles the Hebrew numbers for 666, Satan’s lucky number. She also feels the line through the O in Monster is really part of a cross representing the Antichrist.

“You see these Ms everywhere—hats, t-shirts, bumper stickers. Is there another agenda here?” the woman asked. “If God can use people and product, so can Satan.”

And don’t even get her started on Monster Energy’s advertising motto “Unleash the Beast.”

Now that I think about it, she probably deserves the Jackass of the Day Award… but it’s still a little early to award that!

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