Get to the Bottom of It

Perry probed about anal sex at Dartmouth (The New Yorker)

Last week, Texas governor and staunch Republican Rick Perry visited the campus of Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, where he delivered a campaign speech to students. Unfortunately, some of the questions asked of him involved homosexuality and anal sex, two very sore subjects for the conservative politician.

One question came from Ben Packer—no pun intended—who attempted to bring attention to Perry’s perceived homophobia through shocking verbiage: “In 2002, you supported Texas’s anti-sodomy laws. Do you dislike booty sex because the peeny goes in where the poopy comes out?”

Granted, his phrasing was a little punchy, to say the least, but The Dartmouth columnist Emily Sellers put the question in perspective in her article “Politically Combustible Youth”:

“He used childish language to highlight Perry’s childish logic regarding (homo)sexuality — he denies thousands of people human rights because he finds anal sex icky. Childish language strips the act of all stigma surrounding homophobia and forces him to confront the unfounded reasons he condemns anal sex. Further, laws against sodomy are explicit — they can limit legal sex to a penis going into a vagina and punish people who do anything else. Supporting a constitutional amendment that limits marriage to a man and a woman is sexually explicit and is a main tenet of conservative platforms. The words “booty sex” are explicit, but it is already part of the conversation; pretending it isn’t just to be polite doesn’t qualify as civil discourse.”

Of course, Sellers asked a question that many found controversial, as well: “Would you have anal sex for $102 million?” As it turns out, $102 million represents the total campaign contributions Perry received during his runs for governor.

Neither question received a response, as you might imagine, but I certainly give these students “props” for being brave enough to ask them!

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