This is how the SKEA works (Tom Chen/Wired)

This is how the SKEA works (Tom Chen/Wired)

Most women I know cannot stand video games, mostly because they have distracted someone in their lives from actually spending time with them or doing something more productive (i.e. a boyfriend, husband or son, in most cases). Granted, there have been some exceptions over the years—all of which I can count on one hand—but very few females in my world would ever consider picking up a game controller and cutting loose on some Grand Theft Auto V.

Of course, this could change very soon thanks to Tom Chen, a game designer and physicist in Beijing, China.

In an effort to bring more women into the video game fold—and to provide them additional benefits at the same time—Chen created SKEA (Smart Kegel Exercise Aid). Basically, this is a device that fits into a woman’s vagina and allows her to play hands-free video games using only the muscles of her lady parts.

Alice In Continent (Tom Shen/Enterprise Gamification)

“Pelvic floor-related diseases are very common, affecting half of all [women]. My wife got it after giving birth,” Chen said in a video included in his Kickstarter campaign. “When she found herself unable to control her piss, she was really pissed off.”

Accompanying SKEA is the first game designed for this new technology, Alice In Continent. It’s kind of like Temple Run except women clench and release their vaginal muscles to help Alice avoid obstacles, rather than pressing buttons.

What will they think of next? A sleeve for your penis that converts it into a joystick?

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