Shrink Wrap Revisited

Larsson has a leg of latex (Zara Larsson/Instagram)

Larsson has a leg of latex (Zara Larsson/Instagram)

Show me a man who enjoys wearing condoms during sex and I’ll show you a man who is lying his latex-wearing ass off!

It’s no secret that most men hate wearing condoms, otherwise known as shrink wrap. Truthfully, almost any other form of contraception is preferable to encasing your member in lambskin: pills, sponges, the Rhythm Method… you name it. Of course, most of us recognize the need for condoms; we just hate wearing them.

Earlier this month, sexy Swedish singer Zara Larsson called men out for making every excuse possible to avoid wearing condoms—the most common of which was that they don’t fit. To prove how untrue this claim was, Larsson took a picture of her leg wrapped in a condom and posted it to Instagram with this caption: “To all the guys saying ‘my dick is too big for condoms’… TAKE A SEAT.”

Unfortunately, Larsson missed the point entirely. It’s not that condoms don’t fit, per se. Like penises, they come in all shapes and sizes, from small and petite to large and magnum. What makes condoms so horrible is that tight, little latex ring at the base that cuts off all circulation.

And if the blood don’t flow, the penis won’t grow!

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