Everything you need for a wild party weekend! (McCormick)

Yesterday, I read a story about Carolyn Kesel, a 46-year-old woman from Seneca Falls, New York who was arrested for drunk driving on January 5th with a blood-alcohol level of .26—three times the legal limit.

During her arrest, Kesel allegedly told police that she ingested two large bottles of pure vanilla extract, got lost and could not find her way out of a Walmart parking lot. She was arrested, of course, and now faces felony DWI charges.

What struck me as odd about this story was the vanilla extract, which apparently has an alcohol level of 41%, roughly the same as gin or vodka. A drug counselor quoted in the story compared it to drinking cough medicine for a buzz, which I’m sure more than a few of us have tried before.

Stranger still, the article then explained how pure peppermint extract can have as much as 89% alcohol and pure lemon extract can contain as much as 83% alcohol. In other words, they told underage drinkers exactly where to go to find an even stronger buzz than vanilla extract can produce!

Lemony peppermint shooters, anyone?

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