Jackass of the Day VIII

And he didn’t even wear a disguise! (Lodi Police Department)

Despite having tens or even hundreds of candidates for the latest Jackass of the Day Award, today’s honor belongs to a man recently arrested for robbing a bank in Lodi, New Jersey.

Apparently, this fedora-wearing criminal entered the Hudson City Savings Bank on Monday, slapped a BB-gun on the counter and demanded money from the teller, who gave him $4000 before he fled.

A short time later, police noticed a man fitting the robber’s description. He was standing outside a Dunkin’ Donuts sipping coffee… and he was only a block away from the bank he just robbed!

The robber-in-question is 38-year-old Michael Cassano. And I can think of no one more deserving of this special recognition.

Congratulations, Mike! You are the Jackass of the Day!

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