Blessing and Burning

Please keep your face away from the burning skillet (Getty Images)

In 2010, a New Jersey man entered a Burlington County Applebee’s restaurant and ordered one of its most popular dishes: a sizzling skillet of steak fajitas. His waitress soon brought his meal and positioned it in front of him—sizzling and popping as any hot skillet covered with food is apt to do.

Unfortunately, it was then that disaster struck.

The man bowed his head to pray—over the skillet, no less—and suddenly heard a sizzling sound, followed by a loud pop. He immediately felt a burning sensation on his face and left eye and freaked out, knocking the entire skillet into his lap and causing even more burns.

Of course, he sued Applebee’s a short time later and had his case dismissed by a lower court. This must not have satisfied him because he then took his case to the New Jersey appellate court. And last Wednesday they issued their ruling: he could not seek damages for the injuries he sustained.

Sorry, my man, but no amount of prayer or litigation will overcome stupidity!

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