The Lesser Evil

You down with GOP? Hell no, not me! (Yellow Hammer News)

Republican Hopefuls Target Middle Class Uncertainty As Economy Improves.

Normally when I read a political article online, I cringe in disgust and would never even consider commenting on it within my blog. Unfortunately, though, this particular one was too hilarious to ignore.

By now, you’ve heard that nearly 20 Republicans are considering a run at their party’s presidential nomination. And the list of potential candidates includes the “usual suspects” (Jeb Bush, Rick Perry) as well as some not-so-new faces (Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz). Why are there so many, you ask?

More on that in a minute.

The article linked at the top of this page is hilarious to me because its bullshit is so obvious. It focuses on GOP presidential candidates’ efforts to connect with the middle class, who they will need if they hope to secure the White House next year. As they hone their possible campaign messages, one thing is abundantly clear, though: it’s Republicans who have been trying to destroy the middle class! And now they expect us to vote them into office?


Why are there so many potential GOP presidential candidates then? That’s easy: because they know only the lesser of 18+ evils has the slightest chance of representing them well… and potentially fooling the rest of us into thinking our country will be a better place with them in office.

I’m not saying Hillary is the obvious choice for president, mind you. I’m just saying that when it comes to GOP claims about helping middle-class Americans, don’t forget about the steps they’ve taken to stick it to us in the past.

And do we really expect that to change with a Republican president in office? I think not.

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