The not-so-new look of crazy (Patheos)

It’s no secret that Republicans blame President Obama and his administration for all the ills of the world. They’ve been doing it for almost a decade, so why stop now?

The latest accusation comes from the former Republican congresswoman from Minnesota—and all-around whack-a-doodle—Michele Bachmann. In a radio interview with End Times last week, Bachmann re-emerged from the political shadows just long enough to remind us all of how completely insane she is. How, you ask?

By blaming Obama for the rapture, which she claims is coming even faster thanks to his policies on marriage equality and Iran’s nuclear program.

“We in our lifetimes potentially could see Jesus Christ returning to earth and the rapture of the church,” she said. “Any nation that accepts God and his principles is blessed, and those who push away are cursed. That’s what we’re seeing happen to the United States. We will suffer the consequences as a result.”

From Bachmann’s perspective, the United States is being punished by God for “embracing a pagan view” about gay marriage and abortion. She even believes that Obama’s goal in Iran is to ensure they develop nuclear weapons, thus increasing the odds of Armageddon coming sooner rather than later.

“If you look at the president’s rhetoric, and if you look at his actions, everything he has done has been to cut the legs out of Israel and lift up the agenda of radical Islam,” Bachmann continued. “We are literally watching, month by month, the speed move up to a level we’ve never seen before with these events.”

Of course, this comes from the same GOP wacko who claimed that carbon dioxide was harmless and believed abolishing the minimum wage would create jobs.

I wonder why she isn’t planning to run for president?

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