Stinky Justice

Eastbank Esplanade incident

Next time, keep it in your pants (Ashley Korslien/Twitter)

Last Thursday in Portland, Oregon, a 48-year-old homeless man entered a Port-a-Potty toilet in a very public area and decided to do something other than poop.

He started masturbating and exposed himself through the portable toilet’s door to everyone in his immediate vicinity—including other homeless people, who asked him to stop numerous times. And when he didn’t, they took the law into their own hands.

They immediately toppled the potty and left him to stew in his—and others’—pee and dookie.

A Portland Fire and Rescue crew arrived to help the feces-covered fondler out of the potty, but Sgt. Willie Halliburton of the police department chose not to arrest him.

“I think justice has been done.”

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