Jackass of the Day VIII

I see a check written out to me for an obscene amount of money in your future (Doubtful News)

It’s been some time since I’ve recognized someone as the Jackass of the Day, but the perfect candidate came along recently and I just had to show them some love. Unfortunately, this individual’s name was not mentioned in the article I read. They know who they are, though, of that you can be sure.

Today’s award recipient lives in New York and just turned in his psychic—Priscilla Delmaro—and an accomplice—Bobby Evans—to police. They now face charges of grand larceny and, as far as I know, remain in jail.

And when you hear what happened, I’m sure you will understand why the so-called “victim” received the award.

The New York man in question—who I will call Paulie for lack of a better name—was apparently in love with a woman named Michelle, but his love was not returned. To tip the scales in his favor, Paulie decided to visit a psychic.

Enter Delmaro.

In August 2013, Delmaro told Paulie his love for Michelle was unrequited due to evil spirits and negativity that were keeping these “twin flames” apart. Over the course of twenty months, Paulie made numerous payments to Delmaro, including the following: $30,000 for a Rolex watch, $80,000 for a supernatural bridge to trap evil spirits and $40,000 for a diamond ring from Tiffany’s to “protect his energy.”

Perhaps famed psychic Gary Spivey can help (Republican Eagle)

As if this wasn’t enough, Paulie discovered that Michelle had died in February 2014 and should have terminated his psychic relationship, but didn’t. Instead, Delmaro claimed that Michelle could be reincarnated and solicited even more money from Paulie. By the time it was all said-and-done, Paulie had spent more than $700,000.

And that’s when he went to police.

Honestly, it’s hard for me to consider Delmaro and Evans as criminals since Paulie is obviously a complete idiot. Anyone willing to spend so much money for spiritual aid—which never paid off—deserves nothing less than the Jackass of the Day award.

And it only cost him $700K. Now that’s a bargain!

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