Hail to the Chief

The feline that stands for freedom (Limberbutt 2016/Facebook)

As if there weren’t enough candidates for the 2016 presidential election already—especially on the GOP side—it now appears that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has joined the fray.

Think of him as a Republican like Donald Trump, only with better hair.

The Democrats’ side is less populous—with Hillary Clinton the favorite and Bernie Sanders the so-called “dark horse”—but now another contender has entered the race… one who undoubtedly has these other hopefuls quite worried.

His name is Limberbutt McCubbins and he has filed his paperwork with the Federal Election Committee. Only this Democratic candidate isn’t a person; he’s a 5-year-old rescue kitty registered as a “Demo-cat.” And he needs your vote.

Sure, McCubbins may lack political experience—and still needs humans to both feed him and clean his litterbox—but he also has the needs of hardworking Americans (and their pets) in mind. His slogan is “together, we cat” and—if elected—his first orders of business will be to protect the environment and to legalize catnip.

Finally, a candidate we can believe in!

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