“You come here often, baby?” (ctpost.com)

It looks like Jeb isn’t the only Bush making headlines these days.

Enter Wallace Berg, an 81-year-old Connecticut man whose name may as well be “Dick Green.”

Last month, a neighbor saw Berg outside his Stratford home doing some gardening, of sorts. Actually, he was witnessed naked and allegedly “humping” a bush, but I suppose that counts as gardening in some deranged, kinky way.

After all, Berg was tending to his plants.

When his neighbor confronted him, Berg apparently got embarrassed, clothed himself in a nearby grill cover, apologized and disappeared into his home. Unfortunately, the video footage his neighbor collected during the bushwhacking was all authorities needed to charge him with public indecency. He was later released on $10,000 bond.

Man, I just had the best idea for a new dating/florist website!

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