Jackass of the Day Award IX

Laszlo getting involved in the worst possible way (Reuters/Marko Djurica)

Although it’s been awhile since my last Jackass of the Day Award—and I could have published endless editions given how stupid some people are—a clear frontrunner entered the fray this week. Her name is Petra Laszlo and she is a journalist working for N1TV, the Hungarian nationalist television network.

And believe me… this woman could easily win Jackass of the Year. No one else even comes close.

While covering refugees fleeing from police in Roszke—near the Serbian border—Laszlo apparently wanted more engaging footage (pun intended) and decided to create it herself.

In one scene released via the Internet, she trips a man carrying a child, sending them both to the ground to be apprehended by pursuing officers. And in another scene—in the midst of a fleeing crowd—Laszlo can be seen kicking two refugee children.

The new face of evil (Daily Entertainment News)

Fortunately, social media exploded with outrage and Laszlo was later fired by N1TV. She may even face charges of violence against a member of the community, a crime that could carry a substantial prison sentence.

I, for one, hope they throw the book at this loser. Fabricating stories and sparking controversy are not new tactics in media and journalism, but violence is violence no matter how you slice it.

Congratulations, Laszlo. You truly deserve to be Jackass of the Day—if not Bitch of the Decade. And good luck finding a new job. I hear the anal thermometer testing center is hiring.

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