Good Riddance

Farewell and thanks for the memories, SW! (TV Guide)

Yesterday, I heard some great news regarding the pool of Republican candidates vying for the presidential nomination: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has suspended his campaign! Woohoo!

This was actually the second piece of great GOP news since the first candidate to drop off was former Texas Gov. Rick Perry. That means there are 2 down and 14 or so to go. I wonder who will be next.

Actually, I hope the next candidate to drop off—aside from the hair-challenged jackass Donald Trump—will be retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson. Despite being completely unqualified for the job, he also seems to be a Muslim hater. Consider his comments on Meet the Press this past Sunday, when he said that he “would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.”

So a neurosurgeon can be president, but not a homosexual or Muslim? Doesn’t sound like the land of the free to me (Mad Magazine)

Sorry, Ben, but religious freedom is one of the foundations upon which our nation was built. And I shudder to think only Christians would be permitted to lead this country. Being a “melting pot” means everyone has the chance to be president. Hell, we only elected a black president eight years ago, a fact I’m sure is significant to Carson as an African-American. If race wasn’t an issue, then why should religion be?

Of course, Carson didn’t stop there. On Monday, he clarified his position by mentioning that he would support a Muslim president, but only if that individual first denounced their religion.

“If someone has a Muslim background and they’re willing to reject those tenets and accept the way of life that we have and clearly will swear to place our constitution above their religion, then of course they’ll be considered infidels and heretic, but at least then I’d be quite willing to support them,” Carson told Sean Hannity from Fox News. “What we have to recognize is that this is America, and we have a constitution and we don’t put people at the leadership of our country whose faith will interfere with the carrying out the duties of the constitution.”

Sorry again, Ben, but the First Amendment includes freedom of religion. And as far as I know, no Christian president has ever been asked to denounce their religion. Why should this only apply to Muslims?

With any luck, this clear Muslim hatred will result in Carson being tossed from the presidential race, too. He certainly has no business in Washington and should probably focus on enjoying his retirement—in a Muslim-free community, of course!

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