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Rice Crisp Pee Treats

Don’t eat yellow snow or brown Rice Krispies treats! (Chocolate Covered Katie)

Last week, a video surfaced on that showed an incident from a Kellogg’s cereal production plant in Memphis, Tennessee—a very disturbing video.

The video was taken during a labor dispute at the factory several years ago. It showed one of the disgruntled employees on the production line adding a special ingredient to the mix: his urine.

Kellogg’s, of course, released a statement earlier this week: “It is important to note that any products that could be potentially impacted would be very limited and past their expiration dates. These potentially impacted products include Rice Krispies Treats, granola clusters used in a couple of products, and a few other puffed rice treats that we no longer make.”

Although the man in the video has yet to be identified—or punished for peeing in the puffed rice—an investigation is ongoing. Of course, the tainted cereal was never recalled, which means it was likely consumed by unaware cereal lovers.

It could be worse, though. Had this employee been even more upset, then the slogan for Rice Krispies could have been changed to “snap, crackle, poop”!

Worst Thanksgiving Dish Ever

This Thanksgiving, be grateful you don't have to eat this! (Vintage Recipe Cards)

This Thanksgiving, be grateful you don’t have to eat this! (Vintage Recipe Cards)

Balls to the Wall

They even have a kid’s menu! (Real GM)

Do you live in Syracuse, New York?

Are you hungry and in need of a cheap dinner alternative?

Have you ever wondered what an animal’s balls taste like?

If so, then you are in luck. For a limited time, Riley’s in Syracuse is celebrating their annual Testicle Festival—spelled Testical on their t-shirts—by offering customers all-they-can-eat nuts… the kind that dangle between the legs of bulls, boars, sheep, buffalo and goats, that is. And here’s the best part: they’re FREE.

“If you can’t have fun with balls, then, well, I guess you can’t have fun. So we don’t ask people to pay for them,” owner Terry Riley told earlier this week.

The testicles are lightly breaded, deep-fried and served with a side of ranch dressing. And for those of you still hesitant to eat something that once hung between an animal’s legs, consider this description from before you take the plunge: “Cooked, they look like a chicken nugget, but with a softer consistency, maybe like a fried scallop. The taste is a little meaty — with the breading providing a good deal of the flavor.”

Bon appétit, brave diners!

Breaking Back

When you're ready for that filled-up feeling... (Imgur)

When you’re ready for that filled-up feeling… (Imgur)


You can bet YOUR sweet ass that "Our Sweet Ass" is juicy and delicious! (Imgur)

You can bet YOUR sweet ass that “Our Sweet Ass” is juicy and delicious! (Imgur)

The Start of a Perfect Meal

By far the least appetizing appetizer ever created (Imgur)

By far the least appetizing appetizer ever created (Imgur)

Something in the Water

I sure hope that’s sediment floating in the bottom! (Total Wine & More)

With droughts and water shortages in California and all around the world, it is becoming increasingly important for us to find ways to reuse and recycle water. And one wastewater treatment company in Portland, Oregon has an idea of how to increase awareness of water-filtration issues: ask craft beer makers to use treated sewer water in their brews.

Enter the upcoming Pure Water Brew Challenge.

Clean Water Services, a company that runs four water treatment plants in Portland, will release more than 300 gallons of purified sewer water to home brewers in early June, who will then create craft beers using it as their base. Kegs of the winning brews will then be taken to and showcased at an international water conference in Chicago.

It’s a great idea, of course, but I have one piece of advice for anyone who attends the conference: you may want to steer clear of the Brown Ale!

The Ultimate Gross-Out

Could this be in our future? (GaleriDesain)

I’ve always taken great pride in having a strong stomach. Very little grosses me out and I always try new things regardless of how nasty they seem at the time.

Take blood sausage, for instance. On my one and only trip to Germany—many, many years ago—someone handed me a sandwich and, being the food daredevil, I immediately started eating it. Moments later, I was told that the meat inside was blood sausage, a revelation that made everyone around me cringe. Of course, it tasted good to me and since I was already eating it, I continued to do so. Hell, I even ate more blood sausage as my week-long vacation progressed.

Honestly, even the thought of disgusting food doesn’t shake me—at least it didn’t until recently, when I heard about some foods that even make me cringe with disgust.

The first isn’t so much a food as a preservative found in commercial breads. The amino acid L-cysteine is used to extend the shelf life of factory-made breads, which most of us likely consume on a weekly—if not daily—basis. However, did you know this amino acid is most commonly synthesized using human hair? Sure, cow horns, pig bristles and duck feathers can also be used, but human hair is at the top of the list. And oddly enough, most of the hair comes from the floors of hair salons and barber shops in China. No wonder Americans love Chinese food so much—sometimes we consume it without even knowing it!

Scrotal cheese: the perfect topping for your Triscuits (YouTube/Christina Agapakis)

Our second entry comes from Ireland where scientists at Trinity College are making cheese from… wait for it… human bacteria. Using samples from human toes, belly buttons, mouths and even armpits, these culinary cuckoos produce cheeses that supposedly smell like the body odors of their respective donors. No word yet on whether fumunda cheese will be next (i.e. cheese from under a man’s balls, for those unfamiliar with the term). I imagine it’s only a matter of time, though.

Entry number three comes to us from Japan, the home of some of the most unique—and nasty—foods in the world. Mitsuyuki Ikeda, a researcher from Okayama Laboratory in Tokyo, just found a way to extract protein from sewage (a.k.a. human feces), mix it with some other ingredients and produce artificial steak. To make matters worse, some people have even tested the “meat” and claim it tastes just like beef. Of course, I’ll never know since I limit my shit-eating to American fast food.

Taken separately, these three “foods” may not seem all that gross, but consider this: putting them together could make the most disgusting—and cannibalistic—cheeseburger in history.

Toe cheese shit-burger deluxe, anyone?

Blessing and Burning

Please keep your face away from the burning skillet (Getty Images)

In 2010, a New Jersey man entered a Burlington County Applebee’s restaurant and ordered one of its most popular dishes: a sizzling skillet of steak fajitas. His waitress soon brought his meal and positioned it in front of him—sizzling and popping as any hot skillet covered with food is apt to do.

Unfortunately, it was then that disaster struck.

The man bowed his head to pray—over the skillet, no less—and suddenly heard a sizzling sound, followed by a loud pop. He immediately felt a burning sensation on his face and left eye and freaked out, knocking the entire skillet into his lap and causing even more burns.

Of course, he sued Applebee’s a short time later and had his case dismissed by a lower court. This must not have satisfied him because he then took his case to the New Jersey appellate court. And last Wednesday they issued their ruling: he could not seek damages for the injuries he sustained.

Sorry, my man, but no amount of prayer or litigation will overcome stupidity!

Size Matters

Perfect for this time of year, don’t you think? (Reddit/k2tunak)

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