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Hunts Point, close to where the head was found (Google Maps)

As if it isn’t bad enough that American journalists are being kidnapped and beheaded by members of the Islamic State in Iraq, now we have to worry about Americans decapitating themselves stateside!

According to recent reports by the New York Daily News, 51-year-old Tomas Rivera of the Bronx just beheaded himself in broad daylight along a busy New York street. Apparently, he tied a chain around his neck, attached the other end to a pole, climbed into his car and hit the accelerator.

Seconds later, Rivera’s vehicle smashed into a parked car while his head went the opposite direction. And believe it or not, but a Chicago man died in the exact same manner in 2011, which obviously could have set a gruesome precedent for Rivera.

Either way, you can’t accuse these men of lacking showmanship!

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