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Pop-Up Post: People Like Us

Frankie (Banks) and Sam (Pine) are siblings whose lives take a dramatic turn (courtesy of Dreamworks)

I just finished watching a very interesting and heartwarming film and could not resist sharing it with you. It’s called People Like Us and despite coming out in 2012 to decent reviews, it is now available almost everywhere. I highly recommend that you check it out.

The film centers on Sam—an estranged son with lots of personal and legal problems—who returns home after his father dies, hoping to claim a financial inheritance large enough to get him out of trouble. His dad was a famous music producer who knew nearly every artist known to man. Unfortunately, Sam’s father leaves all his money to Josh Davis, the son of a reformed alcoholic named Frankie who Sam soon discovers is his sister.

I would describe the film more if I wasn’t afraid it would spoil something—including the “6 rules of life” Sam learned from his father as a child, which are very insightful. This is one you really need to see for yourself. Granted, it is a little slow to get going, but it also feels more like an independent film, so pacing tends to matter a little less. People Like Us also features an outstanding cast, including Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, Michelle Pfeiffer, Olivia Wilde and Michael Hall D’Addario as the troubled Josh. And believe me when I say they work very well together.

Lillian (Pfeiffer) copes after her husband’s death (courtesy of Dreamworks)

The end of the film is a bit of a tear-jerker, especially for anyone with siblings, daddy issues, family dysfunction… hell, pretty much everyone. If you find yourself sitting around some night with nothing to watch on television, check your cable provider, on-demand service, Netflix, HBO Go or whatever you choose and see if you can find People Like Us. I assure you it is worth your time to watch it.

Happy viewing, people!

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